Text Repository API

The Text Repository has a REST-full api to retrieve, create, update and delete resources as depicted in its domain model. For certain complex activities a task-endpoint has been created.

To explore the API, start up the Text Repository locally, and checkout swagger or the integration Endpoints.


The REST API can be a bit laborious for certain activities. For example, to retrieve the latest contents of a document by its external document ID and file type, a user would have to perform a requests for each of the following steps:

  • find a document ID by its external ID;
  • find a file ID by its parent document ID and file type;
  • find the latest version of a file by its parent file ID;
  • get the contents of the latest version by its parent version ID or its hash.

To simplify such a workflow, the Text Repository offers task-endpoints to perform a complex task within a single request. The advantage is simplicity and ease of use. However do not expect these tasks to be ‘REST-compliant’. Eg, the list of requests above can be replaced with a single request to: /task/find/{externalId}/document/metadata.