The Text Repository offers a, currently minimal, dashboard API which can be used to get some ‘high level’ overview statistics. We welcome ideas and use cases to improve and expand the dashboard API. You can try out the dashboard using swagger.

Get document counts

At /dashboard, Text Repository gives counts of:

  • how many documents are registered;
  • how many documents have at least a single file;
  • how many documents have at least one item of metadata;
  • how many documents have both a file and metadata;
  • how many documents have neither a file, nor any metadata.

The latter, in particular, is interesting when it is non-zero. These are documents that have been registered with Text Repository with their external identifier, but are otherwise content-free. This is probably not what you want.

Find orphaned documents

If /dashboard indicates there are some documents with no content associated with them (“orphans”), you can find out which these are at /dashboard/orphans.

Get metadata counts

At /dashboard/metadata you can find out how many documents have / share a given metadata key. It returns documents broken down by metadata key.

Get metadata value counts

At /dashboard/metadata/{key} you can find, for a specific metadata key, documents counts grouped by metadata value for that key.